FFF Pro Membership


The FFFPRO Membership Solution is a MFD Enabler which answers all the above questions.

The Tools at Your Disposal Are:

  • Mutual Fund Analysis Tool: This Tool Will Help You Compare Mutual Funds of All Categories on Basis of Various Parameters & Ratios. You Can Pick the Best Funds for Your Investors from This Tool.
  • Fundamental Analysis Tool: From This Tool, You Can do a Fundamental Research of Stocks in Your Portfolio. Using This Tool, you can Do a deeper Analysis of Your Funds.
  • Financial Planner & Volatility Calculators for Cashflow Prediction: You will have Access get a Financial Planner & 8 Volatility Calculators Which Will Help You Make Financial Plan for Your Investors & Do the Cashflow Predictions in Their Portfolio.
  • Knowledge Building Master Classes Every Month: For Your Learning & Knowledge Development There Will Be Monthly Master Classes.
  • The 3 Day FFF Annual Conference: The Annual Conference in The Month of September Will Be Complimentary for You. This will Help You Build Your knowledge & network With Other MFDs.
  • Learn From Other MFDs & Implement Their Business Strategy: You will be a Member of The Financial Freedom Fraternity With many Other MFDs. This Will give you an Opportunity to Learn, Network & Grow with Them.

Pricing: Rs.11,800 For 12 Months.