Agile Testing and Devops Consultancy

The rapid advent of software development has necessitated the collaboration of operation and development teams within enterprises. Only when they are integrating methodologies and functioning coherently, will they be able to respond to the fast-evolving client demands efficiently. Right from ensuring constant deployment to faster delivery of software releases— there are several challenges faced by businesses at every juncture. Businesses invest in the Agile and DevOps software development processes to meet these challenges successfully.

Making the Most of the Benefits offered by Q-Agile

Touted as flexible business methodology, Q-Agile helps businesses do away with the rigid application lifecycles that separate testing, development, operations and project management teams. Q-Agile leverages its unrivaled experience to help businesses create, develop and test the right QA capabilities for Agile and DevOps.

Agile and DevOps Design and Development

We are adept at efficient design and deployment of Agile and DevOps environments for small, large and medium-sized businesses. With our assistance, you’ll also be able to create and test your software across varied premises and cloud environments.

We start off by measuring a particular enterprises’s Agile and DevOps maturity and then come up with strategies to gain higher levels of maturity. In the process, we will end up delivering that perfect DevOps pipeline, which complements your commercial needs and aspirations.

Collaboration and Test Automation

Collaboration is crucial to the implementation of QA functions. We work closely with DevOps team to facilitate the shift-left test approach with the right set of guidelines and processes. Notably, the shift-left software and system testing approach is generally performed early in the lifecycle. Our team will be in constant touch with you – through all stages of agile testing that include daily meetings as well.

Test automation, of course, remains one of the significant factors driving the success of Agile and DevOps environments. Team Q-Agile extends its expertise to

  • Unit test automation
  • Regression test automation
  • Acceptance Test Automation
  • Virtualization of services

Our comprehensive Agile Testing and Devops Consultancy services have – so far – helped a number of enterprises deliver quality software releases within a desirable timeframe. Get in touch with us!